About Kerala Kayaking

Kerala Kayaking is Unit of Kerala Canoe Tourism, 2011 & 2012 Certificate of Excellence Award Winner Houseboat Operator in Alleppey. Houseboat had lots limitation because it won’t goes to small canal and doesn’t create a backwater experience. Also we operating Canoe Cruise (Shikkara) through small canal on 2006 onwards but Sit Long time in the boat it not good. So we thought to give something to interesting .This points are created the Idea of Kayaking tour.

How we get an idea Of Kayaking tour?

Earlier we done canoe tour to small canal but some days can’t go to small canal because of the water level come up. Also we thought long time by sitting in canoe is some client felt boring. So we thought to add some additional activities during cruise time. 1st planned buy canoe boat then that idea turned into buys Kayak.

How we implement our Idea?

1st we plan to build a kayak at alleppey, so we approach a fiber boat builder to make Kayak. And order it 3 kayaks. We wait more than 8 months after he replied that, “They don’t have mold and if we give 100 Kayaks order then only they can make mold” how can we give 100 orders?

We seen some tourist are paddling in Sit-In-Kayak through alleppey backwaters. we enquired that people but it is imported from other country. Then we start searching to find Kayak dealers and contacted them. So they give some kind choose that Sit – on –Top kayak rather than Sit- in- Kayak. Why we choose Sit-On-Top Kayak because these kayaks are good for our enviourment. This was the beginning of Sit – On – Top Kayak Tour in Alleppey Backwaters. Kerala Kayaking is 1st Kayak tour operator in alleppey.

We ordered 2 Kayaks, because it only a beginning of Kayaking tour in alleppey Backwaters. Kayaks get it on December 2012, but that time we don’t have more client and nobody knows we have kayaks.

I traveled more than 50 times to the backwater to mark all places we need to paddle. And lots paper works, calculation to beginning the Kayaking tour... I am convey my sincere thanks to Manoj Thomas he help us a lot.

Recently lots of people interested and some people started and some people are planning to Start Kayaking tour in alleppey.

Some people misleading the client to wrong one

Now days we found that some other people also do Trip for similar to our name but it is not “Kerala Kayaking” Also Some resort/hotel/Home stay are misleading the clients to wrong ones. Traveler should verify that they contact Kerala Kayaking. We welcome All Travelers to Our Office Located in, Near Vazhicherry Bridge, opp: Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Alleppey. We don’t have any other office and other contact person in Alleppey

Kerala Kayaking on Tripadvisor

Now we have clients and TripAdvisor gives lots of support to us…. Kerala Kayaking is 1st all tours in alappuzha on Tripadvisor page. Thanks to all our dear clients who made review on TripAdvisor. Many thanks to TripAdvisor to give wonderful plate form.

Kerala Kayaking on Lonely Planet

Every person had an ambition. Our main aim is to get Recommendation on Lonely Planet. Last august, Lonely planet author named “Mr .Paul Harding” experienced our tour and get nice feedback from him. Once again many thanks to Paul Harding, he was spend his valuable time to experience our Kayaking tour.